Barbara Jan
Global citizen with intercultural competence, originally from Slovenia but now settled long term in the Netherlands.  Fluent in Dutch, English and Slovenian. 
 Qualified coach who keeps calm and communicates clearly in a crisis.   

Working as an women's divorce coach since 2011. My main drive is to empower women (especially expats) to develop themselves to their full potential. It’s my mission to support them finding their purpose, living it, serving the world with it and thrive. 
In the past I went through a divorce myself as an expat woman and mother of two.Today I use my experience, knowledge and information to help women who are going through the same situation at this moment as I did back then.
 My desire to support others at navigating life’s challenges led me to publish a book “Echt Scheiden, zo doe je dat”.  When I couldn’t find the information I needed at the time, I developed this 9 step plan so that others dealing with divorce can do so with minimal stress. 

So are you going through a divorce? Do not hesitate and contact me. I'll help you through it! 

Dus zit je in een echtscheiding? Aarzel niet, en neem contact op. Ik help je er doorheen!